About Marches Secularists

We meet monthly, in various towns across Shropshire, Herefordshire, and Powys. To join us, contact our Secretary.

For more information about us and our activities, please explore our website. You can find details of our meetings and related activities on the Activities, News and Meetings page.

Marches Secularists are a Public Consciousness Movement, much like the Slavery Abolition Movement. We recognise the threat that religious fundamentalists pose to our libertarian democracy. We work constructively to curb the growth in religious fundamentalism and intolerance, and challenge existing religious discrimination.

We believe that in a free society, all people should be free to choose their own beliefs, and be free from the prejudice and religious dictates of others.

No religion should take precedence over anyone else’s beliefs. No religion should be in an advantaged position to indoctrinate impressionable children. Children should learn about different religions and non-religious beliefs, and be equipped with the thinking skills to work out what beliefs best make sense to them personally.

We are particularly concerned about the growth of militant Islamists and evangelical Christians. The most likely possibility for a third world war is between these entrenched belief systems, where the protagonists on each side have an unshakable belief that they, alone, are right.

There are already evangelical Christians, from an American based organisation, working in local schools. We have saved one school from their influence but there is much more to do.

Those of you who watch developments in the USA will know that religious intolerance is growing, and all kinds of other groups are already being victimised, in a way reminiscent of the witch hunts of the sixteenth century. This activity is spilling over into the UK, including our normally tolerant rural counties. There is already at least one creationist headmaster of a Shropshire school.

Marches Secularists are a society of people from all walks of life, living or working within the counties at the heart of the Welsh Marches. We welcome the religious and non-religious. If you agree with our work, please add your voice to ours by joining us and attending our meetings.

Contact us by email: Secretary@MarchesSecularists.Org. Joining is free, though you can make a donation if you wish. We meet monthly in towns across our area, and members receive weekly news from the National Secular Society. We welcome new members and fresh ideas.

More general information on Secularism can be found at: