Hereford School to become a Religious Academy

Wyebridge Sports College (formerly Haywood High School) is to be handed over to religious control if the government gets it way. The proposed academy is in the last phase of approval.
State schools and normal Church of England schools are accountable to parents and the local authority. If allowed to go ahead, the Academy will no longer be accountable to local people. The Church will appoint more than 50% of both the Academy’s Trust and Governing Body. While most local clergy are moderate people, they are declining in number; eventually they will be replaced by the growing, but less savoury American style evangelicals. By the time this happens, it will be too late, the Academy will be firmly in their grip.

Even the existing liberal wing of Christians see this as a device to indoctrinate. Hereford Church of England Diocese say “We expect the health specialism to be developed so that it can include the dimensions of social, community and spiritual health”.
Their document tells us “The church centrally believes this is a major way it can support the extension of the Kingdom of God”.

A mysterious donor has produced £1.5 million for the Church so that it can qualify to run the academy (the tax payer will foot the bill for both the capital costs and running costs). Where has this secret £1.5m come from? Is it tax payer’s money from an illegal government slush fund? Or is it from an American right wing evangelical organisation that believes in Creationism? Or is it ill-gotten money? Why do you think the donor does not want to be found out? When it comes to a state funded school, we think that there should be no hidden agenda; the public have a right to know who is behind it.

If you believe that schooling should be about education rather than religious indoctrination, and care about the thousands of children that will be sent there, join our campaign to stop this school being handed over. A campaign by local people prevented another state school from being taken over in Leicestershire, and a strong campaign is working in Oxford. Let’s unite to keep religious indoctrination out of our local schools.


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