Welsh Marches Humanist Group meeting “Religion in School – Pros and Cons”

On Tuesday, February 12th at 7.30pm.

With guest speakers Dr Anthony Lempert and Connor Birch from Marches Secularists and Ian Terry, Director of Education for the Diocese of Hereford.

To be held at The Friends Meeting House, St Mary’s Lane, off Lower Corve Street, Ludlow, SY8 1DZ.
Parking in the Bridge Inn’s car park (agreement in place).


  • A 10 minute introduction by the chairman Tony Akkermans, stating the
    humanist position and giving some facts and statistics relating to
    religious education;
  • A 10 minute case history by Dr. Antony Lempert, describing his
    experience with a local faith school.
  • A 10 minute report by Connor Birch, detailing Marches Secularist’s
    involvement with the Hereford academy protest etc.
  • A 15 minute response by Ian Terry, Hereford Diocese’s Director of
    Education with counter arguments of his choosing.

Followed by a 30 minute question and answer session.


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