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Press Release: Politics and religion cannot mix

April 25, 2008

An open meeting of the Marches Secularists was held at the Checkers Inn in Montgomery on Tues 22nd April.

Mirian Walton and Alan Goater gave a talk about their experience of living in Palestine. Both speakers were aware of how the Palestinian/ Israeli question impacts on our lives today. They had visited Palestine recently, living for several months amongst Palestinians in the West Bank.

The most important points that the speakers raised were those of the difficulty for the Palestinians of living under Israeli control. In theory there should be land for the Palestinians and land for the Israelis. Land for Palestinians is shrinking each year as Israeli settlements on Palestinian land grow apace. Will the Palestinians eventually be forced out of their land because of the political and social conditions imposed on them – the wall, the checkpoints, the restrictions on exports?

This question is of importance to all of us, yet who is aware of the history and political background? The Israeli/Palestinian problem is seen by many as a simple religious division between two groups of people. This is not the case. It is a case of conflict growing up under religious hatred. It is a radicalising sore for many people.

The Marches Secularists are part of a nationwide secular movement that wishes to raise public consciousness of the inappropriate influence of religion in state institutions. The group believes that in a democratic society all people should be free to choose their own beliefs, free from the prejudice and intolerance of others.

For further information visit our website: The group meets monthly in towns across the Marches area, and members can receive weekly news from the National Secular Society.