Press Release: Six new faith schools for Shropshire

On Monday 19 May the Shropshire County Council Cabinet decided to proceed with their plan to create six new faith schools. Each of these primary schools will take pupils from closing two existing schools.

The Church of England advocates closing fully inclusive Community Schools in order to create their new faith schools. The only merger the CofE object to is the one where both original schools are already under their control.

A report by the Centre for the Economics of Education, based at the London School of Economics takes a look at the myths in favour of Church schools. When all factors are fully considered, they concluded “there is no difference between expected attainment in Faith Primary schools and expected attainment in any other school type (and possibly even a negative impact from Church of England Schools)”.

The Council’s proposals now go to consultation for six weeks.

Marches Secularists, the only public watchdog on religion in the area, wants to hear from parents and others who are concerned about this wholesale takeover of schools by the Church.


2 Responses to “Press Release: Six new faith schools for Shropshire”

  1. Mrs VJ Aikens Says:

    I believe that schools should have no religious bias but should teach all religions. This would foster a better understanding by pupils of the beliefs and traditions of all religious or secular groups. The creation of single faith schools does exactly the opposite and leads to intolerance and absence of integration between children of varying beliefs. The proliferation of faith schools is divisive – and could lead to an ‘Irish problem’ in England in the future.

  2. ELAINE Says:

    Faith schools are places for brainwashing our younrg people to the ways of the Church for they are losing the vast majority and need to recruit so the money will keep rolling in for years to come.

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