October meeting – Ludlow

Denis Corbell, former president of the National Secular Society, will be speaking. Not to be missed! Invite your family and friends.

Tuesday, October 7th, at the Assembly Rooms, Ludlow (click for a map). Starting at 19:30.

Click here for more information on the Assembly Rooms’ website.

This is a joint event with Ludlow‘s and Shrewsbury’s Humanists.


2 Responses to “October meeting – Ludlow”

  1. COnnor Says:


    Nice to see the website advertising our events; you are doing a good job.

    Hope to see you on Tuesday.


  2. Deb Says:

    Thanks for organising this meet. A good turnout and a lively exchange of opinions during question time and beyond. It was good to have more religious people in attendance and contributing, especially given the current religious trend of attempting to re-define secularism as anti-religion rather than anti religious privilege. It was also good to discuss the positive aspects of secularism and humanism – Pro reality, pro equality of opportunity, pro thought, pro discussion, pro shared humanity…

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