Beliefs & Aims

Secularists Believe:

  • People should be free to have their own religion, but no one should have religion thrust on them, either by others, schools, or by government.
  • Citizens should be treated fairly, irrespective of belief.
  • Religious groups should no longer have privileges above other people, or exemptions from the law.
  • Religious groups should no longer receive huge subsidies from the taxpayer.
  • Decisions — especially political ones — should be based on evidence and fact, not on unsubstantiated belief.
  • Public policy and state education should be free from undemocraticreligious influence.
  • Law should be based upon reasonableness, as developed during the age of
    enlightenment, not on religious notions of absolute truth or divine law.
  • Secularism is open to all moderate people, regardless of their own faith or ‘non-belief’.

Marches Secularists

Like the Slavery Abolition Movement, Marches Secularists is a Public Consciousness Movement. We work constructively to curb existing religious discrimination.

Secularists believe that in a free society, all people should be free to choose their own beliefs, and be free from the prejudice and religious dictates of others.

Marches Secularists are a society of people from all walks of life, living or working within the counties at the heart of the Welsh Marches.

We welcome all reasonable people, both religious and non-religious. If you agree with our aims for a fairer society, join us. Membership is free.

We have a particular interest in fostering equality in education, and ensuring that children learn objectively, not only about differing religions, but also their context and history, and alternatives to
religion such as Humanism and Brightism.


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